Hanscom Air Force Base Affiliate Services

Try FIT IN with Kate for Free!

All Hanscom Air Force Base affiliates are eligible for EITHER one FREE 45 minute personal training session, a free group exercise class, or a free 45 minute fitness assessment.

Call me at (781) 225-6030 or email kate@fitinwithkate.com to set up your FREE appointment!

Personal Training Packages

I offer a number of individual and buddy personal training packages to suit your unique needs.

Number of Sessions Individual Pricing Buddy Pricing
1 Session Tryout $70 $80
3 Session Fit & Fast Promo* $165 $225
5 Session Motivator Package $340 $400
10 Session Commitment Package $650 $750

*The 3 Session Fit & Fast Promo Promotion is available to first time customers only.

Group Exercise Class Rates

It’s proven that energy is contagious and being surrounded by others along with music releases endorphins and motivates. If personal training isn’t your thing, Kate offers classes and some with a twist! Group exercise classes can help you achieve your goals and keep your workouts fresh and new!

Class Type Single Session Price
Drop-In Group Exercise Classes $5
Hopper Group Exercise Pass (1 mo/ Unlimited) TBD
Zumba Fit Fusion & Pilabarre $10
Register for 8 week special GX $80
Drop in Special Developed GX $15

Class Descriptions

Group Exercise: $5

Aqua - A workout in the water which places minimal stress on the joints. Since water provides 12 times the resistance of air, Aqua is an excellent way to burn calories and tone muscles.

Indoor Cycling/ Spin - This is a low impact cardio class, which is set to motivating music and is a complete cardio workout. Participants are encouraged to work at their own level. A water bottle is required. Padded bike shorts and stiff-soled shoes recommended.

Pilates - A strength building class which uses your own body weight and minimal props to build core strength, balance and good posture. A yoga mat is recommended.

Total Body Conditioning - The focus of this class is to strengthen all muscle groups using dumbbells, body bars, bands, kettle bells, your own body weight, and much more!

Zumba - This is a workout without even knowing. Zumba combines high energy intervals and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. Ditch the workout, join the party!

Specialty Developed Classes

Ballet Conditioning - Learn Ballet techniques and perform them as circuit drills to strengthen and get fit! You will also learn a choreographed routine and dance away feeling graceful and taller!

More Core PLEASE! - High intensity core class. All about the abs and supporting muscles.

Move’n Mamas* - This class is designed for the Pre & Post natal mom. Move’n Mamas is a class where you can bring your little one, while working out and spending time with other mamas. Whether you're trying to get in shape for your new bundle to arrive, or spend time with your baby, this class is the perfect option! There will be intervals (modifications for pre-natal moms) along with strength & conditioning techniques to make every mama feel better & stronger. A stroller is required if you bring your baby.

Byebye Baby Belly* - This class is designed for the post natal mom. After your marathon birthing day, long nights with no sleep, and just not feeling like your old self, this class will get you right back to pre baby style! This class is a fat and core burning class. Main focus- CORE (abs, back and glutes).

Pilabarre’ $10 - If you love Pilates and love ballet, then this is the perfect class for you! Strengthen, stretch and enhance the mind/body connection with motivating music and graceful, isometric movements. It's a fun & effective way to change your body. Pilarre' will lift your seat, tone your thighs, abs, arms and burns fat in record breaking time! This class is for all levels.

TRX - Engage all of your muscles in this non-stop workout. TRX will combine cardio bursts to get that heart rate up and blast through strengthening exercises. It’s one of the most efficient workouts around! Don’t be fooled – it will challenge beginners and advanced alike.

Zumba Fit-Fusion $10 - You will get THE BEST of both worlds with Zumba & muscle conditioning! This class will start off with Zumba to get your heart pumping & jumping while allowing your muscles to warm up for a little conditioning. This class is for all levels and all persons who like to have FUN with FITNESS!

*Please Note: If pre-natal or less than 8 weeks post natal (natural) or less than 11 (weeks cesarean), a doctors' clearance is required. Click here to download and print the Clearance Form.