Client Testimonials

I started working out with Kate, my personal trainer, a few months before I found out I was pregnant. She was actually the third person I told, after my husband and my doctor. Kate and I quickly came up with a workout plan that, once approved by my doctor, would help me develop muscles and strength to deal with the stresses on my body. I also did prenatal yoga and tried to do some cardio once or twice a week. This plan not only helped me to have an uncomplicated and more comfortable pregnancy, and kept my weight gain down to 25 pounds, but it also gave me strength I needed for delivery.

My labor was 7 hours and relatively easy (with the help of pain medication), and I gave birth to a very healthy 8 pound baby girl. My recovery from childbirth was normal, and having gotten into the routine of staying active, I resumed light exercises within 2 weeks. After 2 months I returned to my weekly sessions with Kate, was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in less than 5 months, and lose another 15 pounds over the next year. Now, when friends of mine tell me they are pregnant, I tell them to stay as active as they comfortably can, because I feel it made all the difference in the world in making my experience healthy and enjoyable.

Rachel D. - Arlington, MA

Kate keeps her training sessions constantly varied and interesting yet those sessions remain steadily focused on the goals you, the client, have chosen. With patience and good humor, she helps you step-by-step to reach the next level in strength, endurance and overall fitness.
Kate has a wonderful eye for errors of form (that is, she seems to be able to “read” what your muscles should be doing if you are to get full value out of a particular exercise)

With her enthusiasm and careful instruction, Kate can enable almost anyone who is willing to work hard to become healthier and more fit.
In the past, I have received instruction from three different but quite competent certified trainers, Kate makes them all look like amateurs.

Norm K. - Cambridge, MA

Having worked with Kate for this past year has been the best thing that has happened to this body. My posture and muscle strength had been severely compromised by knee issues that resulted in weight gain and two surgeries. Since the surgeries, I have worked with Kate to gain back muscle strength and health I had never enjoyed. Her professionalism and knowledge has instilled hope, provided support and motivated me to strive for my personal best. In doing so, I am managing to lose weight, gain all-over body strength and confidence in the process.

Kate is a motivator who gently and firmly coaxes you to push beyond your wildest limits to get results in a safe workout. I have to thank her for making me want to workout, and for educating me on how my body works. I have to thank Kate for making me realize how many eating habits were sabotaging my efforts to look slim and fit. I think she's the angel I've been seeking for help in my personal transformation, for that I am grateful.

Bonnie B. - Malden, MA

Kate is a great personal trainer- She is enthusiastic, a good listener, and always pushing me to the next level. She's a pleasure to have as a fitness partner. Kate is always changing up the routines to keep me interested. She knows what is needed in many areas of personal health for both men and women. Cardio, strength training, stretching and healthy eating are all covered in our sessions each week.

Carol M. - Brookline, MA

Kate has been my best personal trainer. Her eagle eye observes every moment, which has given me perfect form and no injuries. Kate is creative and each session has new challenges that keep me motivated. I am a very active person and have been a regular at the gym for decades, but I am in better shape than I have ever been as a result of my work with Kate.

Genevieve C. - Cambridge, MA

Kate is the best trainer ever - she's fun, inspiring, and pushes me to reach my full potential. When I whine and complain about those last pushups, she keeps me going and I always feel so much better. She helped me through some of the most wonderful and challenging times of my life (finishing grad school, meeting my now-husband, getting married and having a baby). I particularly enjoyed being able to show off my "Body by Kate" for my wedding! Kate rocks!

Dr. Kirsten R. -Hardy

After taking a few TRX training classes with Kate I decided to have one on one training sessions with Kate as I began preparing for my 1st marathon. Kate helped me to lay the ground work for overall training fitness before turning primarily to running, allowing for me to have a great starting base. After injuring myself during my own training I met with Kate again to help keep me in shape while I waited to get in to see my doctor. 5 weeks before the marathon I could not run 1/2 a block without crippling pain but with Kate's training help in those final weeks before the marathon, I was not only able to cross the starting line but I also made it to mile 23 without any discomfort related to my injury. The day following the Boston Marathon I was also up and moving without any soreness as well, even going for a 6 mile bike ride without any issues. I have no doubt that crossing the starting line and being able to wake the next day without pain were the direct results of Kate's training and attention to my physical needs for that bucket list endeavor.

Tippi J. - Boston, MA

I wanted to write to commend the professionalism and proficient work ethic of Kate who I had the pleasure to train with for the past few weeks. I had previously trained with another trainer who helped me achieve some goals but never followed up as far as giving me a workout plan to hold me accountable. She was so precise in her cuing and her form correction, helped me to understand what I was doing wrong instead of just telling me why. Her dedication and her enthusiasm has set a new level for all personal trainers I will hire in the future. THANK YOU!

Seth F.

Dearest Kate, You have been my guardian angel in Cambridge. There are no words to describe how much I adore you and appreciate your presence in my life. I feel so blessed to have benefited from the best trainer out there who could not only transform my physical health but my spirit as well. Thank you!


Even after a few weeks of working out with Kate, I felt better, looked better and had a lot more energy. Kate not only helped me get into great shape and gave me results I could see, but her unending positive attitude, motivation, and encouragement made me look forward to and enjoy every one of our sessions. I cannot recommend her enough!

Katie G. - LA & NY

Kate's noon time spin classes are GREAT! She's the BEST spin instructor this place has. She has the best combinations of sitting and standing and motivating music!